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1 Country Club MemberAdam Zawiejski 1255413PolandPoland
2 Country Club MemberJoseph J. Gawalis Jr. 1125205USAUSA
3 Country Club MemberGregory Simunic 64257USAUSA
4 Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) 57471PolandPoland
5 Country Club MemberRandy Schmidt 54957USAUSA
6 Facebook PlayerJoseph Gawalis Jr. 22450usus
7 Facebook PlayerJoop Mik 15366nlnl
8 Diane Starkey 14750USAUSA
9 Facebook PlayerAdam Zawiejski 13307PolandPoland
10 Joop Mik 11766NetherlandsNetherlands
11 Tony Rafael 10823USAUSA
12 Adam Zawiejski 4230PolandPoland
13 Tomislav Mihalic 4200hrhr
14 Juan diego Juan diego 3600ColumbiaColumbia
15 Facebook PlayerChaz Henry 3389USAUSA
16 Yeison Castri 2800ColumbiaColumbia
17 Vladimir Spiric 2080hrhr
18 Kyle Keller 1530USAUSA
19 Jacob Lucas 1505USAUSA
20 Josem Bettencourt 1279PortugalPortugal
21 Kyle Kolleth 1120USAUSA
22 Bruce Ritchie 857USAUSA
22 Facebook PlayerJoseph Gawalis Jr. 857usus
24 Paul Mevissen 800USAUSA
24 Nate Majer 800usus

Points are awarded for scores shot in 2-Player network mode and to a smaller degree for single player matches.